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2008-01-13 18:01:47 by proflashsional

You can rent a 299.5 X 50 space out of my signature, FOR FREE!!
OR, you can rent one line out of my signture, FOR FREE

All you have to do is send me a Personal Message, then we will set up a file transfer, and you will send me the .jpg .jpeg or .gif and I will leave it in my signature for one week.

If you want to rent a line out of my signature, all you have to do is send me a Personal Message with your message in it. Your message can't be more than 58 words long without html, and can't be longer than 116 words with html. That way you get 1/3 of the text space in my signature.

............Rent-a-Sig Rules............
1) It can't be anything that will get me banned, other than that, anything goes!
2) I WILL NOT do any work for you. the picture gets put in my signature AS IS. DO NOT ask me to cut/shade/draw etc. your picture. You will instantly get denied.
4) You can only have one pic/line. You can change between text/pic within the first 24 hours.
5) Pictures can not have links on them.

These rules are subject to change.
All Rights Reserved.